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Chord Gitar I Can Love You Like That

All 4 One

CAPO 6 standard

A C#m D E*
*it sounds nicer if you replace E with Dm sometimes

They  read you Cinderella,  
You  hoped it would come true,  
That  one day your prince charming,  
would come , rescue you.  
You l ike romantic movies,  
You  never could forget,  
 D                                  E 
The  way you felt when romeo kissed Juliet,  
     Bm                               D 
And  all this time that you've been waiting,  
 Bm                        D 
 You don't have to wait no more.  
I can love you like that,  
I would make you my world,  
Move heaven and earth,  
If you were my girl,  
I would give you my heart,  
Be all that you need,  
                 D                           E 
Show you you're everything that's precious to me,  
                 Bm    Dm
If you give me a chance, I can love you like that