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Chord Gitar Now And Forever

Richard Marx


G-Am7/G~D~Am7  x2

[Verse 1]

G     D/F#     Em
Whenever I'm weary

          Am            Am7/G      Dsus2/F#
From the battles that rage in my head

G    D/F#           Em
You make sense of madness

          Am       Am7/G   Dsus2/F#
When my sanity hangs by a thread

C          B7
I lose my way, but still you

Em       Em7/D  Em6
Seem to understand

            Am7   D7sus4
Now and forever

        D7       (Intro once)
I will be your man.

[Verse 2]

G     D/F#         Em
Sometimes I just hold you

Am             Am7/G      Dsus2/F#
Too caught up in me to see

G    D/F#       Em
I'm holding a fortune

      Am          Am7/G    Dsus2/F#
That Heaven has given to me

C             B7
I'll try to show you

          Em     Em7/D  Em6
Each and every way I can

             Am7  D7sus4
Now and forever

        D7       G-Am7/G~D~Am7
I will be your man

[Verse 3]

B7          Em       C
Now I can rest my worries

     G          D
And always be sure

Em        C         G        D/F#
That I won't be alone, anymore

Em       C     G               D
If I'd only known you were there

All the time

All this time

[Ad lib]

G D/F# Em
Am Am7/G Dsus2/F#

G D/F# Em
Am Am7/G Dsus2/F#


C         B7
Until the day the ocean

Em        Em7/D     Em6
Doesn't touch the sand

          Am7     D7sus4
Now and forever

        D7       G-Am7/G~D~Am7
I will be your man

           Am7   D7sus4         Dsus2*D7
Now and forever       I will be

   C   Cm6--G-Am7/G~D~Am7-G
your man.
Right Here Waiting For You
Richard Marx
Richard Marx
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Richard Marx