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Chord Gitar Paradise



      Am Asus Am Asus
      Am Am/G Dsus Dm7 Dsus Dm
      Esus E
      Am Am/G Dsus Dm7 Dsus Dm
      Esus E
      Am Asus Am Asus

Am                           Dm7
Hold me close now, hold me tight

G                     Em   F G
Don't let go of me tonight

Am                               Dm7
You're all I want, you're all I need

Hold me close now, hold me tight

                      Em       F G
 And don't let go of me tonight

Am Asus       Am Asus
 Sweet paradise, yeah

C          Am            F                 G
How I love all of those crazy little things

you've said and done for me

Am/G                  Dsus               Dm7
 You're the one for me  Darlin',dry your eyes,

           Dsus            Dm7
I can't stand to see you cry

 Now just turn and walk away,

Don't look back when I say goodbye paradise

Am Asus Am Asus

Am                       Dm7
Days go by and life goes on,

G                   Em        F G
 I feel I've been away too long

Am                            Dm7
 What I would give to be with you,

 Days go by and life drags on

                  Em          F G
 Feel I've been away too long,

Am Asus         Am Asus
 For much too long, yeah

C            Am              F
And all the while that I'm away,

                G         Am
 Don't let our love fade away,

don't you fade away 

        Dsus        Dm7          Dsus
Now as sure as the sun is gonna shine,

              Dm7           Esus
the day will come  Now I'm waitin' for the day

 There'll be no more sayin' goodbye paradise

Am Am/G

             Dsus               Dm7           Dsus         Dm7
My sweet paradise, you are the reason why it tears me up inside

        Esus                                E          F Esus E
 And I break down and cry, didn't wanna say goodbye paradise

F                           Dm7                      C
I'm comin' home to you tonight, comin' home to you tonight

                             Dm7                        Am Dm7 Am Dm7
 So hold on tight, tonight I'm on my way back home to paradise

Am            Dm7       Am              Dm7
I'm so lost without you, I can't live without you

G                   C         G              C                 Am Dm7
I've been away too long, now, tonight I'm on my way back home to you

Am       Dm7      G       C    G C
 My my paradise, my my paradise

F           Em                  C           Dm7
To hold you in my arms, you're all that I adore

F               Em            C          Dm7      Am Dm7
 To see your smilin' face as I walk through the door

 I'll never say goodbye again, no

[Outro solo] Dm Dm/C D9/B D9/Bb D9/C [8X]