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Chord Gitar Pray For Time

Geore Michael

Capo on 1st


A - Amaj7 - A7 - Dm6 - Dm6/F       G          A
                             hooho    hohoho     yeah, mmm

Amaj7                         A7      Dm6 - Dm6/F - G
      mmm tuutuutuu hohoho -     hoo

A                                 Amaj7
   These are the days of the open         hand

They will not be the     last - Look around now

       Dm6                     Dm6/F           G         A
These      are the days of the        beggars    and the    choosers

This is the year of the hungry        man

Whose place is in the    past - Hand in hand

     Dm6                      Dm6/F           G        Bm
with      ignorance And le -        gitimate     ex -     cuses

The rich declare themselves         poor

And most of us are not       sure

If we have too much - But we'll        take our chance

       E                F#          Bm
'Cause   God's stopped      keeping     score

I guess somewhere along the         way

He must have let us all out to       play

Turned his back and        all God's children

E         Esus4/F#          A
   Crept           out the    back door

And it's hard to love,       there's so much to hate

   Hanging on to hope

Dm6              Dm6/F        G          A
     When there        is no    hope to    speak of

                          Amaj7                               A7
And the wounded skies a -       bove say it's much, much too     late

      Dm6                       Dm6/F      G             A
Well       maybe we should all         be    praying for    time

Amaj7                   A7     Dm6          Dm6/F       G        A

toehoehoe hohoho    hoo     hoo-oo -        hoo     hoho     yeah

Amaj7 - A7 - Dm6 - Dm6/F - G -

A                                   Amaj7
   These are the days of the empty        hand

Oh you hold on to what you     can - And charity

     Dm6                Dm6/F          G
is a      coat you wear        twice a     year

A                                 Amaj7
   This is the year of the guilty        man

Your television takes a     stand - And you find

     Dm6                      Dm6/F      G        Bm
that      what was over there        is     over     here

So you scream from behind your         door

Say what's mine is mine and not       yours

I may have too much but I'll        take my chances

       E                F#          Bm
'Cause    God's stopped     keeping     score

And you cling to the things they         sold you

Did you cover your eyes when they       told you

That he can't come back

           E/A#                  E      Esus4/F#        A
'Cause he        has no children    to           come      back for

And it's hard to love,        there's so much to hate

   Hanging on to hope

Dm6             Dm6/F                    A
    When there         is no G  hope to    speak of

                           Amaj7                        A7
And the wounded skies a -        bove say it's much too      late

   Dm6                       Dm6/F      G              A
So      maybe we should all         be    praying for     time

Amaj7              A7          Dm6       Dm6/F        G      A
       toehoehoe -     hoo-oo -      hoo        hoho    yeah

Amaj7 - A7 - Dm6 - Dm6/F - G - A //