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Space Cowboy



Ebmin9 Fmin7 Ab11


DbMaj7     Cmin7      BMaj7             G6add9
Everything is good, and brown. I’m here again with a sun

A11             DbMaj7              Cmin7
shine smile upon my face. My friends are close at hand and

BMaj7            G13           A11               Dbmin7
my inhibitions have disappeared without a trace. I’m glad I

BMaj7 G6add9        A11
found someone I can rely on.


Ebmin9 Fmin9        Bbmin9 form 1
This is the return of the space cowboy.

Ebmin9    Fmin9      Bbmin9 form 2
Interplanetary good vibes on.

Ebmin9    Fmin9         Bbmin9 form 1
Set the speed of cheeba. Oh You and I go deeper.

Ebmin9          Fmin9
Maybe I have to get high to get by.
Cosmic Girl
Love Foolosophy